WWE Still Listing Big Controversial Names In Alumni Section

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When a Superstar upsets WWE enough then the company has the power to wash them away from history entirely. But it looks like WWE might be holding out hope for a couple alumni many fans might assume would be out of the picture.

WWE is still listing CM Punk and Chyna in their alumni section of the official WWE website. Ironically these two are right next to each other on the list so they’re hard to miss.

Punk just won a lengthy legal battle with WWE’s doctor and Chyna’s name has also been blackballed so to speak because WWE was afraid of fans Googling her name and finding her adult films.

It’s interesting to note that names like Hulk Hogan, Earl Hebner, and Chris Benoit are absent from WWE’s Alumni section. But both CM Punk and Chyna are still plainly visible on the list of former employees.

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