Brian Pillman Jr is currently working through a knee injury but he’ll be back in the ring soon enough. He’s spending a lot of time on social media nowadays and recently proposed an interesting question for discussion.

Pillman Jr wanted to know who was the Tupac of pro wrestling might be and even set parameters saying: “You know like super talented but died young and we didn’t see their full potential and were perhaps overrated based on their limited amount of produced work?”

There were a lot of good answers but for some reason, Justin Credible’s reply was “Jeff Hardy” who isn’t dead.


But Credible could be throwing a bit of criticism at Hardy for not being able to reach his true potential.

The current WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy is also a 4-time IC Champion, 3-time WWE World Champion (if you combine the belts), and he’s won more various tag team titles around the world than we can count.

Therefore we don’t really know what point Justin Credible is trying to prove here, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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H Jenkins

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