Nikki Bella responded to a fan on Instagram that accused her of breaking with John Cena to help increase the viewership for the Total Bellas reality tv show.

“I used to be a huge fan. But, your breakup was too coincidental,” said the fan. “It seems like it was all for ratings. Very disappointed.”

Nikki responded to the fan and basically denied that she broke up with Cena to get ratings to her show.

“Sad that my break up has to be ‘good’ timing for all of you. I forgot I’m not allowed to just live my life. What blows my mind is that people like you would even think I would do this for ratings or a show, don’t you think a wedding would have done a much better job?? So unreal. Done with the hate. So happy I have a Bella Army on here that is SO loving and supportive!”

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