Paul Heyman On Charlotte Flair: “She Has Everything A WrestleMania Main Eventer Requires”

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The advocate for the Beast, and long time wrestling manager/commentator/promoter Paul Heyman has always been an excellent judge of talent. He saw potential in CM Punk before the WWE gave him a proper chance. He continuously elevates Lesnar’s opponents with his immense skill on the microphone. He is without a doubt a brilliant mind within the industry.

So when he tweeted out an endorsement for the Nature Girl, Charlotte Flair, you knew he would do more than a simple shout out. He puts Flair over in a way that seems likely they are still headed for that oh so sweet female main event next calendar year at MetLife.

Could we potentially be getting a Heyman/Flair pairing? Or is this just a very smart promoter doing what he was born to do which is promote the best?

I’ll leave you to decide.

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