The American Nightmare has a busy summer ahead of him. He’s readily preparing for his rematch with Dalton Castle for the Ring of Honor heavyweight championship, and he has a date with destiny when he faces Nick Aldis at his self-produced show ALL-IN for the NWA title. If Cody manages to win the ROH belt beforehand, the epic encounter with Aldis will become a title for title affair.

Recently, NWA did a short special on Rhodes and Aldis highlighting each man’s career. Cody talks about his time in WWE, and that even though he enjoyed being there, he felt that he was destined for greater things. One excerpt he mentions his father, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, and how much he prides himself on making his dad proud.

I think it’s real easy for people to look at September 1st and say ‘oh he’s wrestling for the NWA world’s championship and that’s his…you know a title synonymous with his father and this was about doing it for Dusty’ and I hope they look beyond that because that isn’t what it is at all. I do everything for Dusty already. He was the guy I always wanted to be proud of me; he was the guy I wanted to model my life after but this isn’t about him at all. It’s about me, and that’s how he would want it to.

H/T and transcribed at RingSide News

Watch the full 24 special below.

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