Sonya Deville Catches Girlfriend Cheating On Her Diet In Epic Fashion

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Sonya Deville and Zahra Schreiber are very happy as a couple and having a lot of fun but it turns out that the former Absolution member might have caught her girlfriend in somewhat of a tricky situation.

While going through Tim Hortons, it turns out Zahra didn’t even need to tell the guy what she wanted because he already knew. When they pulled around to the drive-thru and he handed them their order, Sonya got the truth out of the situation.

It turns out that Zahra has been to the same Tim Hortons for the same order 3 times this week. That’s pretty impressive considering Deville filmed this on Wednesday night.

Those two are just incredibly entertaining, that’s for sure. Now Zhara could have some explaining to do in order to reason why she had such a savage hunger.

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