Ryback opens today’s show by addressing a tweet from Kofi Kingston this past week. Kingston tagged Ryback in a photo, remembering the night Ryback put him through 3 tables a few years ago. Ryback says that segment went down exactly how it was planned that night. The crowd kept chanting “One more time!”, and if he knew where his career was going to go in the next year or so, he jokes that he probably would have just fed off the crowd and gave them what they wanted.

Ryback comments on the news that WWE’s co-branded PPVs will reportedly result in longer shows. Runtimes are now expected to be at least 4 hours in length, with major shows such as SummerSlam and WrestleMania running even longer than that. Ryback notes that Smackdown might actually move to 3 hours as well and while he likes that this gives more opportunity to the performers, the shows are going to be awfully long and it may be too much.

Daniel Bryan has been showing a bit more of an edge since returning from injury, and Ryback knows that Bryan has mentioned that he wanted to change his style a bit more since coming back. Bryan is always thinking of new ways to raise his intensity and to be entertaining for his fans, and that’s what makes him one the best in the world.


According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, former WWE Superstar, Neville is moving back to England. From what Ryback’s been told, Neville is done with professional wrestling. He notes that Neville is a very good human being who he wishes nothing but the best for. Neville can’t wrestle for a period of time anyways since he’s still under WWE contract, and Ryback doubts that WWE is paying him. Ryback thought Neville was used quite well towards the end of his WWE run, but the lifestyle was probably Neville’s main issue.

He adds that Neville figured out the way things work in WWE way quicker than most. He won Newcomer of the Year his first year on the main roster, a legitimate fan vote, but WWE didn’t take that and use it as a momentum builder for him. Instead he was booked to lose that night which didn’t make much sense to Ryback. It takes courage to walk away from a place like WWE, and Ryback’s happy for Neville.

Ryback informs that he likes Roman Reigns a lot. He thinks the people booing Reigns still like him and they’re not booing him, they’re booing the system. Ryback just doesn’t understand why WWE doesn’t run with the guys who get hot, even if it’s just for a few months.

Ryback points out that Triple H told him years ago that WWE will never have another marquee star again. It’s evident that WWE has built their brand to a point where they don’t need another huge star at this point, and they can still make bundles of money without massive stars.

Ryback informs that John Morrison will be on the next season of Survivor. Ryback says he likes Morrison a lot and thinks he’s super talented. He notes that Morrison has accomplished a lot since leaving WWE and it’s evident that he likes to keep his options open. He also thinks Morrison will return to WWE at some point in the future when he wants to, even though he doesn’t really need to at this point.

He notes that some people leave WWE with a huge chip on their shoulder, looking to prove to WWE that they should have been a main-eventer. Others just decide to work the indies when and where they please. Rhodes obviously has a chip on his shoulder and is looking to prove something to WWE, whereas someone like Morrision pursued other interests and works sporadically.

Ryback informs that he didn’t leave WWE because of the money, adding that they paid him very well. He knew that WWE was going to “job him out” and then fire him, and he didn’t want that so he let his contract expire. Health also became a huge concern for him so he only wrestled sporadically after leaving WWE. He took a very different path than a lot of performers who leave the company.

That sums up this week’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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