Naomi Has A Serious Warning For Lana

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Lana and Naomi had a pretty entertaining little dance off on SmackDown Live this week ending in Lana hitting a cheap neckbreaker when Naomi wasn’t looking. She thought everything was cool before Lana started her beat down and that’s not how Naomi plays at all.

It sounds like Naomi has a bullseye set on Lana’s head next week in their mixed 6-person tag team match when she will team up with the Usos to face the entire Rusev Day faction. It also looks like WWE is still painting Rusev and his associates as heels who are cheered anyway which is interesting.

Naomi used an old favorite when she said next week Lana’s “ass is grass” and I can only assume she plans on mowing it down with a Rearview.

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