Since he moved to Raw, Dolph Ziggler has a new lease on life. He’s arguably more dangerous and vicious than ever, and he can thank his new buddy Drew McIntyre for that. Together, the unlikely duo raise hell by beating people up left and right. There has to be an endgame, though. Where’s this story going?

This is not a complaint or anything. I’m genuinely curious to find out what’s next. They’ve only been teaming for around a month, and there’s so much more to the story, though. How does this end, though?

Drew McIntyre Betrays Dolph Ziggler

Imagine this. Somehow, someway, Dolph Ziggler ends up in possession of the Universal Championship. This already seems highly unlikely, but hear me out. Maybe he beats Finn Balor for it, I dunno. Point is, he ends up with the big red belt. Then, Drew McIntyre shocks both the world and Ziggler by betraying him and destroying him. Thus begins a months-long feud over the Universal Championship.


This turns Ziggler into the scrappy underdog face we all know and love (maybe not all of us, but you get it). Drew McIntyre becomes the dominant destroyer. Then the feud ends with either Ziggler vanquishing his protege once and for all, or McIntyre destroys his creator and stands victorious with the Universal Championship.

While this would be various sorts of cool, it does seem unlikely due to WWE’s insistence on never doing anything meaningful with Dolph Ziggler. I don’t think they’d ever give him the Universal Championship. Still, this would be something new.

dolph ziggler betrays drew mcintyre

In a more likely scenario, Drew McIntyre somehow becomes Universal Champion. Perhaps he kicks Brock Lesnar’s head off. Who knows? Then, Dolph Ziggler shocks both the world and McIntyre by betraying him and destroying him. Thus begins a months-long feud over the Universal Championship.

The dynamics will be a bit different though. No one will buy a 6 foot 7 Scotsman as an underdog against Dolph Ziggler. In a straight up fight, However, they can portray Ziggler as a wily and crafty veteran. Drew McIntyre can play the face who has to outwit the more experienced Ziggler. Despite the fact that Ziggler and McIntyre have been wrestling roughly the same amount of time, it could make for an interesting story.

Of course, McIntyre has to emerge victorious in this scenario. It’s how you build him up as a face. Hopefully by the time this happens (should it happen), people will have forgotten that it means nothing to beat Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler can build up some momentum for himself, and his time with McIntyre should have rebuilt his reputation and his credibility. It will mean something to beat Dolph Ziggler again, which is what Drew McIntyre must do in this scenario.

dolph ziggler and drew mcintyre remain friends forever

No clue if this can ever happen, but what if Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler remain friends forever? They just continue to wreak havoc and mess stuff up. Maybe they win the tag team titles. Maybe they end up holding both the Universal and Intercontinental Championships. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre remain best buds for life.

It would be one of those rare instances where a duo doesn’t have a big falling out. The last time this happened was when American Alpha broke up because Jason Jordan turned out to be Kurt Angle’s bastard son, and even then Gable beat up his former partner when Smackdown invaded Raw. It doesn’t happen often (probably because there’s too much drama in a falling out to miss), so the rare instances when these things do happen, they are more memorable.

It may seem a waste, but I think it could work. The mutual respect between both men never ends, and they remain buds for life. Out of all three scenarios, I feel this is most unlikely, but it’s still possible.

Steve Carrier

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