We noted on Monday that Enzo Amore made an appearance at Times Square and have a huge turnout. At the time of press, we were unable to confirm if he made any announcement of sorts and the initial impression was only there to promote his new rap song.

Interview footage has now surfaced online of Enzo talking about WWE and his future. Enzo said he’s been working on various projects from people in Hollywood, creating music and among other topics.

When asked about a possible return to WWE, Enzo said it’s not up to him, seemingly indicating that it’s up to WWE.

“I mean, I’m just one man. A real one. You can’t ask me that question,” said Enzo.

Enzo also thanked the fans that helped helped cleared his name by stalking his accuser and pointing out holes in her accusations to the police.


“I thank my fans that are supporting me and always did. I owe them every bit of degree of gratitude. If it wasn’t for them, the Enzo Army, I would have never existed in that business. 5’10, a buck ninety with a mouth like mine. You’re never suppose to make it. Everyone is trying to make sure you don’t. But with the fans, the support of them, they couldn’t take me off the screen. Tonight was living proof of that. They gave me a platform and that platform now exists with an army of people that would out them who flooded my lawyer’s inbox. They did all the research for me. They stalked this accusers life, every single misstep she took was send to the police and we didn’t even need to do it. I don’t know why I ever hired a lawyer in the first place. My fans were lawyers and I owe them the world. I owe them every bit of opportunity I’ve been given. Everything I’ve been able to capitalize on. This is a dream come true. This is the studio that Tupac got shot in. I’m going to make a song tonight and then I’m going to probably drop it tomorrow with a music video.”

You can check out the interview below.

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