Kenny Omega is one of the biggest video game geeks in the pro-wrestling industry. The Cleaner actively partakes in numerous gaming events when he is not putting out 6-star matches in the squared circle.

Omega had the opportunity to play the role of Mayor Cody Travers in the upcoming instalment of the famous video-game franchise Street Fighter. A trailer for the game, featuring Omega, was released earlier today by the official Twitter handle of Street Fighter.

Omega said that he worked on this project in secrecy and is proud of this achievement.


Shortly after the trailer dropped, Xavier Woods, Omega’s “gaming rival” also took to Twitter to react to this trailer. Woods hinted that he was the mysterious voice in the trailer who was taunting Omega’s character.

Omega replied saying that the guy on the phone seemed like a nice person, which is more than he could say for Woods.

Xavier Woods’ voice is easily recognizable at the beginning of the trailer. It is indeed a cool moment to see these two good friends, who participate in two different promotions, come together for something like this.


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Darshan Sheth

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