John Cena On Returning To Thuganomics Character

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John Cena was asked why he changed out of his Dr. Of Thuganomics character and if he would return to this non-TV-PG persona during a Q&A at MegaCon. He relayed not only the reason for changing this character but also how special it still is to him.

“The rating of our television show changed and I didn’t want to lose my job. But I will say this Thuganomics was started before you were born and I still have my degree and I love that lime in my career. But I also know where we are. I know the company that I work for and it’s truly an honor seeing a young man like you wearing things that are close to me that I believe in. I liked it then but I really, really like it now”

Thug Life was one of the first sayings of Cena’s that made him a standout character. Maybe we will someday see a glimpse of his Thuganomics character again but it’s not likely to be anything that stays around as long as WWE is a family-friendly company.

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