WWE Open to the Idea of Having WrestleMania on Broadcast Television?


In what could be one of the biggest moves in the history of WrestleMania, WWE could be interested in shopping around Mania to television companies.

Our sources have told us WWE is not interested in airing other pay-per-views on broadcast television but they could be open to the idea of putting WrestleMania up for open bidding.

Whether or not they are considering the idea of offering the entire 7-hour show or just a condensed highlight version to be aired on a later date is yet to be seen.

WWE has regarded WrestleMania as the Superbowl of sports entertainment for years and that could be the pitch they’re using for networks as well. If the money is there, it sounds like WWE could be interested. This destination event could find its way to a much bigger audience eventually if WWE decides to go through with this idea.

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