Dinner With the King Recap w/ Jeff Jarrett – Lawler’s WWE Contract, Jarrett’s “Good Train-wreck”, Will Smackdown be WWE’s #1 Show? More!

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Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Glenn Moore.

Lawler informs that he’s planning a big event at his bar on Beale Street in Memphis. He’s setting up a ring outside the bar and planning a match between two UFC fighters and two professional wrestlers. UFC President,  Dana White will be in attendance, as the event will be taped for White’s “Looking for a Fight” television show.

Moore asks Lawler if he had to ask WWE’s permission to be on this show, but Lawler informs that he didn’t. He adds that he’s always been under contract with WWE, the same contract since 1993 to be exact. He just does different things for the company now. He notes that Jim Ross is in a similar boat in regards to his contract situation with WWE.

Lawler talks about the news that Smackdown will be moving to FOX in 2019. FOX and WWE reached a deal for Smackdown’s television rights this past week which will pay WWE over $1 Billion through the 5-year term. Moore asks Lawler if he thinks WWE will rest on their laurels, but Lawler doesn’t think anyone has that mindset at WWE. He notes that Vince McMahon didn’t become a Billionaire by resting on his laurels.

Lawler mentions that having a show air on FOX is a huge deal for WWE, because FOX reaches a huge audience in the United States and FOX can promote WWE during their other programming such as football games. He adds that these two factors could really help Smackdown, and it wouldn’t surprise him if Smackdown actually became WWE’s #1 show over time.

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