How Stephanie McMahon Messed Up On Raw This Week


Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax signed a contract on Raw this week for their upcoming match at Money In The Bank and the segment was led by Stephanie McMahon.

But Dave Meltzer brought focus to McMahon’s lack of selling Rousey’s devastation during Wrestling Observer Radio when she neglected to do something simple that would have helped tell a much better story.

“On Steph, I really thought that she should have had an arm brace on. It’s her first time since [being in a Ronda Rousey armbar] she should have. I mean it’s not a question of should she need to wear it. Or you know she should have an arm brace on. She should be in a little bit of pain screaming about how she’s had to do rehab. You know, get the sh-t over.”

Ronda Rousey actually made a reference to how good Stephanie McMahon’s arm was looking which really drew attention to the fact Steph wasn’t wearing anything to sell the injury. But if they really wanted to make Rousey look like a top babyface capable of doing damage in the ring it might be a good idea for Stephanie McMahon to act like Rousey’s armbar is a punishing move.

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