How WWE’s New TV Deal Could Change Their Pay-Per-View Booking



We previously noted how SmackDown Live will be the new A-Show for WWE thanks to their new massive deal with Fox. But it looks like WWE is going to have to change the way they book everything as a way to cater to this new deal as well.

Bryan Alvarez discussed this fact and what to expect during Wrestling Observer Live where it seems like we are going to venture back to a day where television ratings are king once again.

“If you think they’re going to save the big matches for the WWE Network those days are over. Everything is about television now. You understand? Everything is going to be about television. So it’s going to be a new era of wrestling. There’s going to be WWE booking and there’s going to be booking for every other promotion in the world.”

It was noted how every other promotion is going to use their television to promote big shows but WWE will be the opposite.

This might seem a lot like how WCW used to book things with television ratings as the chief concern and there could be some similarities there. But only time will tell how WWE ends up changing things up as they go through this new transition.

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