Mike Kanellis has not been released from WWE even though he doesn’t show up that often unless he’s being thrown out of the Greatest Royal Rumble.

But one listener recently asked Bryan Alvarez during Wrestling Observer Live about Mike Kanellis keeping his WWE name if he is ever released and Alvarez had a rather interesting response.

“I don’t know because he is married to Maria Kanellis. He could always take her last name. Why bother? Just be Mike Bennett!”

“We’re actuall debating this for no reason because [the caller] had a point which is: he should leave. That’s what he’s trying to say.”


Mike could always be billed with his wife as “Mike and Maria Kanellis” which is a way to get around things when it comes to WWE restricting the usage of his WWE name. Cody Rhodes used the same trick with his wife when he couldn’t keep his last name so they are billed as “Cody and Brandi Rhodes” from time to time.

But it doesn’t look like Mike is ready to leave anytime soon seeing how well WWE has treated him outside of the ring assisting in his rehab as well as giving him the time off to be with his wife and child.


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