Possible Spoiler For Money In The Bank Match

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Money In The Bank is just a few weeks away at this point and WWE is stacking the big ladder matches for the show.

Dave Meltzer discussed one upcoming qualifying match during Wrestling Observer Radio where he gave a pretty certain statement on who will end up winning.

“Cass and Joe which I’m almost certain will be short and Joe will win because they’re having Cass has been limping limping limping trying to sell the thing with Daniel Bryan from Tuesday. So I imagine Joe is just gonna go in there and [win]. If he’s limping at the house shows he’s almost certain to be limping on tv — watch him not, right?”

“But I think Joe will beat him and get into Money In The Bank.”

So you should probably expect Samoa Joe in the Money In The Bank match. He would be a fine fit after all because he is a big guy who can be a great base for spots. But you never know if a guy like Joe could also win and really shake things up.

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