Corey Graves Owns Critic Online

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If you know anything about Corey Graves it is the fact that he isn’t shy about making his opinion known. He also doesn’t appreciate it when people throw their own opinions around especially if they’re directed at him. Graves has called people a dummy on worldwide television before and he isn’t afraid to call someone out online either.

Wade Keller recently commented on Graves’ usage of the phrase, “begs the question” which he claims Corey butchers. In his online critique, Keller said: “I want Corey Graves to read this about the term “begs the question” which he (mis) uses a lot! Corey can be part of fixing the disaster that this has become in the English language!!!” He included a link to an article about how you’re supposed to use the saying.

But Corey Graves had a pretty nice comeback as he said, “I’ll stick to talking to the world. You stick to writing about me talking to it.”

We’re going to give the point to Corey Graves on this one.

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