As previously reported, The Miz spoke with Sports Illustrated about Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring and mentioned that he doesn’t believe Bryan deserves to be in the ring with him. Miz also pointed out that Bryan’s ring work isn’t at the caliber his is at and it could still be another two years until he reaches those heights.

While speaking with Sports Bible, Bryan was asked about The Miz’s remarks about him and his ring work not being up the par. Bryan seemingly agreed with what The Miz said.

“If you were to look at Miz’s matches since I’ve come back, he’s got a point. His match with [Seth] Rollins at Backlash, that was by far the best match on the pay-per-view. When I lost to Rusev, he wrestled Jeff Hardy – which was a fantastic match. The knock on Miz for years was that he was a great talker but so-so in the ring. This happened with [John] Cena too where people were like, ‘This guy can’t wrestle’ and while they are saying they can’t wrestle, they learn to wrestle and learn to be the best as far as in-ring stuff.”

Bryan also mentioned that he doesn’t believe he’s the best these days and named AJ Styles & Seth Rollins as two Superstars who are putting on the best matches.

“On the independents when I was with Ring of Honor, people thought I was the best wrestler in the world – fans would chant it and I think the fans would believe it because they want to believe that their guy is better than the WWE guys. But never once have I considered myself the best – I look at AJ Styles and I look at Rollins right now. I say these matches with Miz were great but Rollins is in those matches – and I don’t know what is different but now he’s clicking on every level. It almost feels like it was for me in 2013 where he’s not the top guy on Raw but he’s starting to get those top guy reactions, more so than other people. You look at these people and think, ‘Ah, he’s better than me at this.’ So if Miz says I’m not on his level, I look at it like, ‘Maybe I’m not’ and that motivates me – how do I get on his level?”

Steve Carrier

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