Which Member of the New Day Should Fight at Money in the Bank?

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Big E

Big E has been killing it lately. His promos have been fire lately, and his in-ring work is nothing to laugh at. In a team with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, Big E has managed to avoid getting overshadowed when they wrestle.

In most ladder matches, Big E would stick out like a priest in a mosque, However, this is no ordinary ladder match. Braun Strowman will be there. Rusev will be there. Either Samoa Joe or Big Cass (but for real, it’s gotta be Joe) will be in it as well. That’s a lot of hosses. Big E would fit right in. Just some big dudes beating the hell out of each other with ladders. No high-flying or jumping off the ladder or anything like that. Just a straight up brawl.

If Big E had the contract, that would be crazy, but in a good way. He shows a lot more personality than he did back in his earlier days as Intercontinental Champion. New Day turned him into the star that he is. Without the New Day, Big E probably would have ended up in Roman Reigns’ spot and still be boring.

It’s clear that Big E is a big deal. With the contract, he could be the star he is meant to be.

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