Will WWE’s Television Negotiations End The Brand Split?


It looks like Raw and SmackDown Live might end up on two different networks when all is said and done after WWE’s current television contract with NBC Universal ends.

Dave Meltzer was asked on Wrestling Observer Live whether he thought that this current situation with WWE’s television networks could end up joining both rosters again and he had a pretty certain response.

“They don’t have to do anything. I think they won’t end the brand split. If anything the priority on Raw will be even stronger than they are now.”

“Just because it’s going to be the A Show on a much stronger network for viewership than SmackDown will draw when Raw should, in theory, stay the same.”

It might not make much sense to keep SmackDown Live going with a unique roster but that all depends on which network they eventually land on. From the sound of things, it won’t change much in WWE except for making Raw even more important.

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