Dinner With the King Recap – Favourite Tag Partner, Issues with Dave Meltzer, Was He Ever Booked to Win WWE Title? More!

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Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Glenn Moore.

Moore and Lawler mention that they’re going to be travelling to Chicago in a few months to be a part of All In’s Starrcast event. They both inform that they’re very excited about this opportunity and they’re really looking forward to the event.

Lawler mentions that he recently spoke to a crowd of kids about the value of hard work. He admits that he’s actually terrified of public speaking when crowds are small. He has no issue with doing commentary or talking in front of thousands of people, but standing and talking in front of a small group of people is very tough for him.

Lawler mentions that he has a number of upcoming independent wrestling bookings, and he still really enjoys performing in the ring. Moore asks him if he’ll still be wrestling when he’s 98 and Lawler laughs, noting that the odds are stacked against him there. He informs that Mae Young always made it known that she wanted to wrestle on her 100th birthday. For a long time that seemed like a possibility because she was getting powerbombed through tables in her 80s. Unfortunately she died at 90 years of age.

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