Cody Rhodes On Pro Wrestlers Who Are Rude To Fans At Meet & Greets


Cody Rhodes recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio where he discussed selling out All In and how much the fans meant to him. While talking about fans he revealed a motto he has always used on how to really judge a talent’s worth.

“I have a rule about meet and greets and I shared this with Matt and Nick. I say you can always judge a talent, because I have done do many meet and greets for years Axxess along just straight WWE-style 500 people in a line machine-style. My rule is you can always judge a person by how they handle meet and greets.”

“And you’d be amazed at some of the most good guy and good girl talent who are actually are kinda d*cks at meet and greets compared to those who are just sweet and never ever take for granted this person has literally waited in line to meet you. If they paid money then they paid money and waited in line and the same goes for the terrible collectors that show up at the airport [to get autographs].”

Cody said before he was famous he didn’t have to worry about fans asking him for autographs and he appreciates the fact someone values him so much that they want to meet him let alone value his name enough to sell it.

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