Ryback opens today’s show by speaking about last week’s Backlash event. He thought the PPV was simply put in a bad position. From a marketing standpoint, there wasn’t a lot of time to promote it and it was hard to follow both WrestleMania and the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Seth Rollins and The Miz opened the show with a great match, and Ryback notes that Miz is an all around, extremely solid, great performer. Miz is so consistent and has continued to improve as time has gone on. He recalls the company’s critique of Miz early on was that he wasn’t very believable in the ring, but he’s tightened up his work and has been with the company for an awfully long time now. Ryback adds that this type of career often ends with a Hall of Fame induction.

Ryback thinks WWE has something pretty cool with Elias. He points out that you don’t have to wrestle all of the time; you can get yourself over through entertaining segments such as the one we saw on Backlash. If Elias can continue to merge the character from these segments with the character who wrestles matches he’ll be on his way to becoming a huge star.


Ryback says he didn’t really have any issue with the Nakamura/Styles finish because they’re still building to something. He notes that this was a fine way to continue the program and he thinks wrestling fans just need to have more patience from time to time. This finish was heavily criticized online, but he notes that those wrestling fans will always find something to complain about.

Ryback loves that people are angry at Carmella for doing her job, and doing it well. Carmella is eliciting massive heat and he thinks she’s done a magnificent job since she’s debuted on the main roster. Some fans might say that Carmella has the ‘wrong type of heat’, but Ryback doesn’t believe that. He notes that fans hate her, and that’s a job well done by Carmella.

Ryback enjoyed the Samoa Joe/Roman Reigns match and notes that there are only so many ways to script a finish. Dave Meltzer tweeted out that Wrestling Observer’s website was negatively affected by the amount of fans that were calling in to complain about the PPV, and Ryback will never understand the need to call into a show and criticize a wrestling program. He adds that there was nothing worth complaining about on Backlash.

Former professional wrestler, Bobby Fulton spoke out this past week, noting that if Roman Reigns was working 40 years ago he’d already be fired by now because he can’t get the job done as the company’s top babyface. Ryback isn’t sure how to respond to that. He says that he likes Reigns a lot and thinks he’d make a great heel.

He notes that it’s a tough decision because the fans who boo him now will likely cheer him if he turns heel, and he’s still the biggest star to women and children. Nonetheless, Ryback still thinks Reigns would become a bigger star as a heel. He points out that anyone who gets put into that top spot will sell merchandise, it’s just a matter of who’s going to sell the most merchandise.

Rumours circulated last week that Corey Graves has backstage heat for comments he made about the Greatest Royal Rumble. Ryback thought Graves’ comments were fairly harmless and nothing he said was false, but Ryback wonders if Graves really needed to share those views with the world online. Graves obviously felt the need to do so and that was his decision.

Multiple outlets have reported that Jason Jordan will soon be ready to return to action. Ryback thinks Jordan is really good at portraying the whiny, spoiled son character and he’s excited to see him return to action. He adds that Jordan is young to be having neck issues and he might have to adjust his style going forward to better protect his neck. Nontheless, Jordan has massive potential in Ryback’s opinion.

It was announced last week that Total Divas has been renewed for more seasons. Ryback informs that he was jokingly asked about possibly working on that show a couple of times but he wasn’t interested in that at all. He couldn’t imagine being followed around and filmed all the time, even on his off days. He was in WWE to wrestle, and the fact that he wouldn’t be paid to be on Total Divas just furthered his disinterest in it.

That sums up this week’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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