Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – RAW and Smackdown Analysis, Lashley’s Strange Interview, IIconics Struggle in the Ring, More!

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Russo also thinks Bobby Roode is completely miscast as a babyface, adding that even a 10-year old child can tell that Roode needs to be a heel. Hamin agrees, adding that the last couple week’s it has become even more evident that this babyface run isn’t working. Russo thinks Roode should be an “A” player, but instead he’s treading water in the mid-card. Russo adds that even a great talent such as Randy Savage would be suffering from the same creative issues as Roode if he was working for the company today.

Russo says that Seth Rollins comes across as such a pansy on television. Russo is 57 years old and he thinks he could probably take Rollins in a fight. He adds that when Mojo Rawley’s music hit to interrupt Rollins he turned off RAW because he had seen enough and they’d lost him. Hamin points out that this should have been Zach Ryder’s match since the show was airing from Long Island.

Hamin thought WWE missed an opportunity during the Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy and Miztourage match. He thought it would have been cool for the two real-life brothers, Wyatt and Dallas to have a showdown during the match. Russo wishes Curtis Axel would just get fed up with everything, drag a cameraman into Vince McMahon’s office some week and ask McMahon if he knows who his father was. He points out that television like this writes itself, but WWE obviously doesn’t care.

Lane points out that as bad as RAW was, he thought Smackdown was even worse. Russo points out that Paige’s cleavage on Smackdown this week was great, and he’s a happily married man who has no issues saying that.

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