Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Daniel Bryan – Struggling With Retirement, Returning to the Ring, Challenges of Filming Total Bellas, More!

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Jericho notes that Bryan’s return to the ring has been a long time coming. Bryan informs that he didn’t always think he’d make a return to the ring. After suffering multiple concussions and seizures his wife, Brie made him tell the company about it. He had a feeling that if he was honest with WWE about his concussions his career would be over.

He informs that he was devastated when he had to deliver his retirement speech and he didn’t want to talk about that to the WWE Universe. He wanted to come up with something else to talk about, like how much he appreciated their support. Nonetheless, he wasn’t in a good spot at that time and filming Total Bellas only made things worse. It was a very high-stress environment at John Cena’s house while filming that show, and at one point he had a mental breakdown and had to walk out.

After retiring he planned on going back to school, but one day he got a call from Triple H who asked him if he’d be interested in working as a commentator for 205 Live. That sounded like fun and he agreed to it, and eventually that turned into him being the GM of Smackdown Live.

He informs that was miserable while working as the GM and he didn’t want to go to work each week because it was very hard for him to be around the business without being able to compete in the ring. It was at this point that he knew he was going to return to the ring someday.

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