4 Superstars Who Should Answer the Seth Rollins Open Challenge

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On Raw, Seth Rollins hosted an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship. He then proceeded to defeat Mojo Rawley in an absolutely thrilling contest.

If this is to continue, it could do wonders for the roster. It could be what the AJ Styles Open Challenge should have been. In a roster as stacked as this, an open challenge could showcase some of the dudes who don’t get a lot of spotlight.

Here are some guys who should totally challenge Seth Rollins.

zack ryder

In case you’ve forgotten, Zack Ryder is actually a really good wrestler. He has a four-star match at Wrestlemania. He’s just one title away from achieving a Grand Slam.

I’m of the mindset that Ryder and Rawley had a seriously good match at the Clash of Champions kick-off show. Match was absolutely vicious. Both Ryder and Rawley looked really good in that match, and it’s a shame that there was no real follow-up for either man.

Ryder is one of those guys who can get the crowd behind him easily, and he’s surprisingly athletic. He does a 450 splash, for goodness’ sake. I feel like he and Seth Rollins could absolutely tear the house down.

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