Dinner With the King Recap w/ Jim Cornette – Lawler Wrestles Joey Ryan, Cheap Tickets for Greatest Royal Rumble, Can Lawler Use “King” Gimmick in Saudi Arabia? More!

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Cornette points out that he had to watch the clip when he heard about it, and admits to laughing when Lawler shot Ryan’s penis with a fireball. He adds that it was no surprise to him Lawler was the performer to find the perfect way to work with Ryan. After watching the video Cornette was actually okay with how this spot played out, so he’s not going to be too critical of Lawler.

Cornette informs that he has major issues with certain things going on with the industry right now, specifically things like ” the imaginary man” or “the imaginary grenade” spots. He points out that these stupid spots live on forever in videos online, and when people find it they perceive wrestling to be hokey. He notes that it’s hard for the business to escape those stereotypes.

Moore points out that several years ago, Vince and Shane McMahon challenged Shawn Michaels and God on WWE programming. Lawler can’t even remember this even though he called the match, but notes that if anyone can beat God it’s Vince McMahon. Cornette jokes that you’d think McMahon would have booked God to win a few times instead of beating him in his WWE debut.

Lawler wonders if this was one of Vince Russo’s ideas, but Cornette informs that Russo had left WWE at that point. Regardless, Cornette points out that Russo had established a terrible pattern of programming in WWE by this time and the company continued to reach in order to match the level of nonsense after Russo left.

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