Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Rousey Should Have Broken Stephanie’s Arm, WWE Set to Work With IMPACT, Bruce Prichard on WWE Network, More!

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Lane mentions that WWE Home Video have announced that they’ll be working with Impact Wrestling in order to get the footage for an upcoming Hardy Boyz DVD. Gilbertti doesn’t think this is odd at all because today’s niche wrestling fans already watch all the different promotions, so there’s no need for WWE to avoid acknowledging TNA. He also points out that you can’t really tell the story of the Hardy Boyz without footage from Impact.

Russo doubts that WWE will pay much money for this footage, and it would actually benefit Impact to basically give WWE the footage if that’s what it came down to, just so they could establish a working relationship with WWE. Gilbertti adds that WWE and Impact have worked together in the past, when Christian was inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame while he was working for WWE.

Lane informs that that Lucha Underground’s Killshot did an interview recently, mentioning that veterans ridiculing younger talents for the way they work is a generational thing. Gilbertti doesn’t agree with that, adding that his generation just did it better than today’s performers. He points out that nobody wants to watch two “artists” simulating a fight. Professional wrestling is supposed to be two tough guys fighting each other and making it look real.

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