Superstars Who Need to Move in the Superstar Shakeup

Dolph ziggler

There is nothing else for Dolph Ziggler to do on Smackdown. Barring Ziggler joining a tag team with Mike Kanellis or something, he’s done it all. The Superstar Shakeup would be the perfect opportunity to give the Showoff some new opponents.

What if Ziggler were to face off against Seth Rollins? That would be cool and exciting. He could also fight the Miz (just kidding). There’s a whole slew of people Ziggler’s never faced. Finn Balor. Bobby Lashley.

By moving to Raw, Ziggler could also feud with new NXT callup No Way Jose, as is tradition. After all, is an NXT callup really an NXT callup unless he fights Dolph Ziggler? I don’t think so.

The point is, Dolph Ziggler has exhausted all his options on Smackdown, I feel. The Superstar Shakeup should send Ziggler to a new brand.