Dinner With the King Recap – Lawler Suffers A Stroke, HOF Ceremony Recap, WrestleMania Thoughts, More!

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He mentions that he barely spoke to McMahon about it during WrestleMania weekend, but Triple H did approach him at one point and asked for the details. Much like the doctors, Triple H was amazed by the story. Lawler admits that he had stopped taking his blood pressure medication for about a month prior to his stroke, and he assumes that may have played a part in it. He’s back on his medication now, and he doesn’t plan on changing a thing in his life.

After arriving in New Orleans, Lawler had a pretty busy schedule. He did an autograph session until 12PM on Friday, and then headed straight to the arena to begin rehearsing for the Hall of Fame ceremony at 2PM. Once the event started Lawler was standing the entire time, pacing back and forth backstage in between introducing the various performers. He says he stood from 5PM until midnight without once sitting down.

One of the more memorable moments of the night was when Mark Henry laid out an emotional plea to Martha Hart, asking her to allow her deceased husband, Owen to be entered into the Hall of Fame. Lawler says he didn’t think that was the right place or time for Henry to do something like that, even though he knows Henry thought he was doing the right thing at the time. Moore asks Lawler if anyone was upset backstage when Henry did that, and Lawler replied, “I’m not gonna say”.

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