Shane McMahon Reportedly Present During Brock Lesnar’s Backstage Confrontation With Vince McMahon


The current situation happening between Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon is apparently comprised of several layers and it looks like we’re getting more of the story piece by piece. I highly expect this story to break wide open very soon especially if it’s not a work. But at this point, any news on this matter is welcomed.

Wrestle Votes’ Twitter account first broke the story this morning and it looks like he might know more than he initially let on and as the day goes on more information is being released on the situation.

Shane McMahon was also reportedly in the backstage area when the confrontation went down and Brock Lesnar threw the Universal Title “towards” Vince McMahon. At this point, it is said it’s uncertain how Shane McMahon reacted but in this situation, it sounds like there was a lot going on in the Gorilla Position after Mania went off the air.

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