Five Big Talking Points from WrestleMania 34

a shinsuke nakamura heel turn

I don’t quite understand just yet, but Nakamura shocked the world when he lost to AJ Styles. He then shocked the world again when he punched AJ Styles in the dick and then hit him with a Kinsasha after the match.

Why, though? Smackdown’s got a dearth of top faces now. I thought that the trio of Nakamura, Styles, and Orton would be able to hold down the fort. Now, they’re one man down. But with the absence of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, I guess a top heel was needed (why they didn’t just turn Roode heel, I don’t know).

I guess their feud is going to be extended for a month or two. If their rematch (there has to be one) can be better than their Wrestlemania 34 showdown, maybe people will feel better.

If anything, the main event picture of Smackdown looks to be exciting for the next few months. Whether WWE pulls the trigger on Nakamura is another question altogether.