Five Big Talking Points from WrestleMania 34

jinder mahal is the new united states champion

I for one am not exactly pleased with this match result. The match itself was fine for what it was. Not bad.

The victor, though, I’ve got lots to say about.

Why on God’s green earth is Mahal holding a title again? Why are people still falling for the old “Singh Brothers” distraction? And why did Randy Orton drop the title so early?

The way I see it, if Randy isn’t moving back into the World title picture, then are we to have a rehash of 2017 with Orton v. Mahal? While the matches weren’t bad at all, I feel this is the one rivalry people don’t feel like revisiting.

And if not Orton, then who? I guess Mahal could defend it against the likes of Tye Dillinger, Zack Ryder, and Sin Cara. Unless they plan to turn Rusev face and have him vanquish the Maharajah, there’s not a lot of people for Mahal to face.

I’m also mad that we didn’t see a Randy Orton Open Challenge, but such is life.