After Brock Lesnar takes off back to UFC, Paul Heyman won’t have anyone to advocate for. Lesnar and Heyman have gone together like the ingredients to a great recipe but now that Brock is leaving it looks like the dish could be missing some major protein.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Paul Heyman saying he won’t be on Raw after Mania if Lesnar loses either means they changed the match’s finish which is highly unlikely or Paul E really really believes that he’s gone from WWE after Brock Lesnar departs.

But Ronda Rousey wants Heyman’s services next. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a Paul Heyman girl? It’s exciting to have Rousey around but let’s just hope she’s not as green in the ring as she is on the microphone.

Rousey needs someone like Paul Heyman but it is noted that this partnership might never happen because Paul Heyman has a stigma against him in WWE’s office, especially where the McMahons are concerned.

If Heyman were to be placed with Rousey then that would include some instances of Heyman going over a McMahon and that cannot happen, if even by proxy.

Ronda Rousey is also supposed to be a babyface against Stephanie McMahon and although Lesnar morphed into an organic babyface largely thanks to Heyman’s badass promos, they have always technically booked Paul Heyman as a heel which wouldn’t fit the overall idea of Rousey in WWE.

Although the fans could eventually turn on Ronda Rousey once the freshness runs stale, the idea is that she will always be a babyface in the company because of how she’s viewed from an outsider’s perspective as WWE’s biggest star.

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