Triple H Reveals Which NXT Superstar Will Play A Big Role In WWE’s Future


The landscape of the WWE’s future could possibly be headed towards another boom period. A big part of the success of WWE in the past few years along with the launching of the WWE Network has been the developmental brand known as NXT, and it’s ability to transition talent to the much larger casual fan base. A formula used by the WWE’s COO, and father of the yellow and black promotion Triple-H, has been to sign popular talent from the independent wrestling scene in order to give them exposure to WWE audiences. One of those very talents just got a spotlight interview with ESPN.COM. His name:

Adam Cole Bay Bay.

Besides interviewing the leader of the Undisputed Era about his debut at Takeover Brooklyn III, ESPN caught up with the King of Kings to get his opinion on what Adam Cole could do in the WWE. Hunter was very up front about the potential that he sees in Cole.

I think he plays a very big role, probably, in what WWE will be over the [next few] years. He’s a very talented young man, lot of charisma. That’s the thing that I would say first. Talented in-ring performer, absolutely, but the charisma and the character, that’s there. Great human being, too. Those are the things that make me happy about his success, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with all the things that are coming his way, and how he takes advantage of them. The truth is, we can put the opportunity out there, but what’s done with it and where it goes is on the talent. I say that all the time. We just set the table, and you can say whether it was set right or it was set wrong, but we set the table, and they get the opportunity. Everybody has the chance to knock that opportunity out of the park, and to run with it. He, so far, has. Hopefully he will continue to.

That’s quite an endorsement from the former 14 time heavyweight champion. Adam Cole is currently slated for two matches at Takeover New Orleans, competing in a six-man ladder match to crown the first ever NXT North American champion, and defending the NXT tag titles with Undisputed stable mate Kyle O’Reilly in a triple-threat due to Bobby Fish’s injury.

Read the full interview with Adam Cole here.

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