Ryback opens today’s show by discussing the news that a lot of wrestling moves will be banned in New Orleans for WrestleMania weekend. WWE and ROH are actually exempt from these rules, but all the other indie promotions who will be running shows there that weekend will have to abide by these rules.

Ryback understands that the Louisiana Board needs to establish rules for contact sports, as does every other State. However, he points out that WWE rarely uses Piledrivers anymore anyways, and they’ve banned chair shots to the head. He also doesn’t think throwing your opponent over the top rope is that dangerous at all, so he was surprised that it was listed as a banned move.

He notes that he’d be concerned if he was an indie promoter who’s running a show in New Orleans this weekend. He’d be worried that one or two of the performers would go into business for themselves and ignore the rules, which could possibly result in the promotion being reprimanded.

Ryback notes that the WrestleMania card this year appears to be 7-hours in length. He fears that this runtime might be a bit ambitious for casual fans, especially since it’s a continuous program with no intermission or break.

Ryback comments on the arrival of Monroe Sky Mizanin, the daughter of The Miz and Maryse. He congratulates both of them, noting that The Miz is a great human being, and he thinks Miz will find it difficult being on the road full time, away from Maryse and his newborn daughter. He adds that technological advancements have made it a lot easier on traveling family members who miss their families.

News broke this past week that David Otunga’s niece recently received a heart transplant. Otunga has been beating the drum to make this happen for the past couple of years and Ryback is very happy to hear this news. He points out that Otunga is a great person and he’s not surprised to hear that Otunga did everything he could to help his niece.

Vader also had heart surgery this past week, and apparently the surgery was a success. Ryback notes that anytime you deal with the heart it’s a tricky situation. He congratulates Vader and he wishes him a speedy recovery.

Ryback informs that he wrestled in the main event for Scottish Wrestling Alliance for two sold out shows this past week. He thought the shows went great and the Promoter was very happy with Ryback’s ability to draw fans into the building. He also thought the crowds were unbelievable both nights.

He wrestled Grado in the main event of the second show and he informs that he had so much fun in that match. Grado is more of a comedy performer, and he thought their match highlighted some of Grado’s comedy tactics while protecting the Ryback character. After Ryback picked up the win he slid back into the ring and proceeded to help Grado up and dance with him. While they were dancing, Grado tricked him and rolled him up for a 3-count so everybody won that night.

He informs that the fans were fantastic to him during his entire trip. It was important for him to let them know that even though he no longer works for WWE he’ll still make appearances there, even though the appearances might be less frequent.

A listener writes into the show and tells Ryback that he’s been his favourite wrestler for years, and he hates the false narratives that often circulate online about his departure from WWE. Ryback points out that some of those false narratives are unfortunate, but that’s something he’s learned to deal with. He thanks the fan for the continued support.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Ryback to name his favourite “gimmick” wrestler from the 90s. He says he’d probably have to pick The Undertaker as his favourite 90s performer.

That sums up today’s episode of Conversation With the Big Guy. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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