The King of Strong Style is easily one of the most charismatic individuals the sport of pro wrestling has ever seen. The fact that he’s been able to connect with an audience at the level that he does considering his language barrier is truly remarkable. One could even argue that it is that very barrier that has given him the inspiration to focus more on mannerisms, facial expressions, and ring work to excite the WWE universe. It’s obviously working, as the support behind Nakamura possibly facing off against one of the industry’s very best performers A.J. Styles is no longer a dream, but a reality. Shinsuke however, thinks it is more than just a coincidence.

In a phone interview with the New York Post, Nakamura addresses how important this match is for both men.

It’s an amazing thing for WWE history I think. We crossed over, we crossed the border line in Japan and the States, different company and that’s why I say this is destiny.

When asked about how he believes the match will be received, the King wasn’t shy at immediately knocking down the critics.

Actually I don’t care about the ratings, five stars, six stars, seven stars, whatever. But I really want to enjoy this match. I want to do everything I can do. I want to take everything he can do.

And how he and A.J. had to change things up when they entered foreign territory.

When he was in Japan, he needed to adjust, but now he doesn’t need to. For me, this took time to adjust, but now I feel comfortable with the WWE. At WrestleMania I can show my 100 percent or more.


Check out the fascinating full interview here. Other talking points include Shinsuke discussing Asuka’s run and what it means for Japanese wrestling, the time restraints between WWE and NJPW, and the change for his family moving to the U.S.

Five days until the dream comes true.

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