John Cena Sends Message To The Undertaker Insinuating He’s Crap


Be forewarned that this is rather disrespectful. But then again, it’s also not very nice to leave someone’s challenge unanswered for so long and that’s what The Undertaker has seemed to do to Cena. Therefore, John Cena figured turnabout was probably fair play.

Cena likes to use Instagram and let his pictures do the talking and it’s a good thing too because the picture he picked to illustrate his point on the Tuesday morning after Taker stood him up on Raw during the go-home show to WrestleMania was rather blunt.

He also included the popular, “do something” quotation and at this point, I’m surprised that Cena doesn’t have a WrestleMania t-shirt that just says “do something” on it.

But what is very interesting is the fact that the poorly-drawn John Cena was apparently ordering a dog to “do something” and the dog followed his master’s orders and crapped out a Phenom.

It’s not every day that we can see a badly done image of a dog pooping out a tiny Undertaker, but thankfully someone had the minimal skills on MS Paint needed to make it happen.

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