John Cena Admits Conor McGregor Would Beat Him Up

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This one probably goes without saying because John Cena is a sports entertainer who is very popular and in great shape, but his opponents need to cooperate in order for Big Match John to pull off a movie. But Cena recently admitted that Conor McGregor could probably beat him up in a legit fight.

Cena was a guest on “Desus and Mero” on Viceland recently to plug his new movie Blockers which comes out in theaters this Friday. So you can go see Cena’s new movie on Friday and on Sunday you can watch him beg The Undertaker to do something one more time.

Conor McGregor was brought up to Super Cena when he admitted that given the chance, Conor McGregor would probably beat him up.

Of course, Cena also added that he would love to have McGregor at a WWE event because the fans would love to see it. Therefore, if they ever get this match together, you know who you should probably bet on.

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