Cody Rhodes Destroys Disco Inferno In Brutal Comeback To Defend Kenny Omega


Maybe it was a mistake for Disco Inferno to open his mouth, but then again this isn’t the first and it probably won’t be the last time someone says that.

The former WCW star called out Kenny Omega for his sloppy ring work recently and in a sign that the Bullet Club is still fine, Cody Rhodes came to his defense.

Disco Inferno recently posted on Twitter: “Nobody knows how to “work” anymore. They would rather kill each other to get Dave Meltzer to put their match over. That is a problem that needs to be put front and center. Guys are going to keep getting hurt.”

Rhodes went off on Disco Inferno and said he knows nothing and has drawn no money. He then continued to say he was lucky to be a “juiced up double-lifer” and said Inferno could never hang. Cody went on to say that the fact Disco Inferno coming at them for “exposing the business” is, in fact, exposing the business in the process which is a bitter cup of irony to swallow.

Let’s hope Disco Inferno has learned his lesson, but it’s doubtful.

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