Kurt Angle Has WrestleMania Story-Time With His Actual Children

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Kids love it when their parents read them stories and WrestleMania is one of the biggest moments of the year where storylines are concerned so this is a perfect fit in many ways.

The Olympic Hero is one week from teaming with Ronda Rousey to take on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in New Orleans and it looks like he’s preparing for the moment by telling his kids what he’s been was up to in the form of a storybook.

There’s no real reason why Angle would pen his Road To WrestleMania like a children’s storybook but it still afforded an awfully great little video. Perhaps Angle wrote this as homework for therapy, but no matter the reason it’s still quite entertaining. The Instagram post includes two videos so you’ll have to click to see the next one to get the whole story to find out what happened to the Olympic Hero.

Two of Angle’s daughters sit on either side of him and Jason Jordan is nowhere to be seen as he reads along. They are somewhat fascinated by the story and it’s actually very well written which makes me wonder if Angle wrote it at all. You can tell the story is penned on paper being held inside another book, but WrestleMania storybooks might be a good way to go as long as WWE keeps getting into any market they can.


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