Who Will Be the United States Champion After Wrestlemania?

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Bobby Roode

I have to say, Roode’s been involved in some great matches over the United States Championship. His triple threat with Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler was surprisingly great. When he was United States Champion, he had great matches against Rusev and Randy Orton.

I don’t doubt that Roode will become United States Champion again. I just don’t think it will happen at Wrestlemania. He was defeated in a back-and-forth match against Orton at Fastlane, but it was clear who the stronger man was, and it wasn’t Roode.

If this were a one-on-one match between the Glorious One and the Apex Predator, then I’d be a bit more confident in Roode’s odds. Since there are two other men in the match, I’m less enthused about his chances.

Still, it might happen, but it’s highly unlikely, I feel.

Roode’s Chances of Winning: 5%

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