Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Leaving PodcastOne, JBL Rips Dave Meltzer, Bryan Entering Universal Title Match? More!

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Russo is joined on today’s show by Bin Hamin and his co-host, Jeff Lane.

Russo informs that he’s done with PodcastOne, and all of his shows will now be available on the Relm Network. All of this came about due to an inaccurate claim by Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin, that Russo was encouraging fans to ridicule him and his girlfriend. Hamin thinks it’s rediculous and informs that he’ll stick with Russo as all the shows move to the Relm Network.

Lane plays a clip of Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer talking about NJPW’s Okada. Meltzer says Okada is very smart and clever, and notes that this was his year. He went on to say that he can talk about Okada all day long. Russo says the saddest thing about this statement is it’s the truth. He points out that Meltzer probably could literally talk about Okada all day long.

Meltzer also added that he often watches NJPW shows even though he already saw all of the matches. Russo laughs and jokes that NJPW is like the television show “Lost” in the sense that every time you watch it you pick up on something new. Hamin points out that he might watch something like The Sopranos over again and again, but watching a 12-minute wrestling match from Japan multiple times just doesn’t make any sense.

Lane points out that Meltzer and JBL got into a Twitter dispute this past week, with JBL questioning why anyone would pay for Meltzer’s services. JBL went on to say that Meltzer was always easy to fool over the years, and WWE would often feed him incorrect information in order to swerve fans. When a fan asked Meltzer what he thought about JBL’s remarks, Meltzer says he takes it as a great compliment.

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