Mike Johnson mentioned on the latest installment of PWInsider Elite Audio that there are currently no plans in place to bring up Kassius Ohno to the main roster anytime soon.

“I have no heard anything about Kassius Ohno being brought up to the main roster at any point in time in the near future.”

Johnson explained that there hasn’t been any upward mobility for Kassius and said that he’s basically serving a veteran role to help younger talent through developmental.

“I don’t see any upward mobility for him or plans for him to have the upward mobility anytime soon. I think he’s more there to server the role of a veteran to work with others and to make them better but that was the role Tye Dillinger had in NXT for many, many years and eventually the decision was made, “Hey, we should bring him up to the SmackDown side of things.” So, never say never. I wouldn’t write off Kassius Ohno but I haven’t heard anything definitively that leads me to believe that it’s going to happen anytime soon.”

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Steve Carrier

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