Kenny Omega Says Homophobic Messages He Gets on Twitter Are Usually From WWE Fans


While speaking with Yahoo Sports, Kenny Omega weighed in on homosexuals and mentioned that they should be welcome to be a wrestling fan as much as everyone else.

“I think it’s important to show in the 21st century that if you’re gay, lesbian, trans, whatever, that you should feel just as welcome to be a wrestling fan as anyone else. You’re welcome in the space.”

Omega mentioned that he does get some stupid homophobic messages from people and pointed out that they are usually WWE fans.

“I do get some stupid messages on Twitter from homophobic people and they’re usually WWE fans, which kind of drives things home. In WWE, a gay person is usually portrayed like some sort of comedy act to be mocked and laughed at. The world’s not like that anymore. Everyone should feel welcome to the show.”

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