E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Steve Austin & Bret Hart – Iconic WrestleMania 13 Match, Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Return, Ultimate Deletion, More!

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Hart points out that Submission matches are a death sentence. Submission matches don’t have the luxury of false finishes which really limits the fun. Somehow he and Austin were able to make this match work with a lot of physicality and realism.

Austin informs that there were six or seven things that they wanted to do in this match, but most of the match was called on the fly. He also points out that the commentary team was fantastic during this match. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were “on fire”, and he thought McMahon was great as well. He adds that a lot of people criticize McMahon’s commentary work as being over the top, but Austin thinks he’s a master storyteller.

Hart informs that it was a big risk for him to make the call to get colour in this match. He and Austin were actually discussing whether to proceed with that decision as the match was happening, and ultimately they decided to go ahead with it. Hart threw Austin over the guardrail, made the cut quickly and nobody knew the difference. The way Austin went into the guardrail it looked like he legitimately busted himself open. McMahon asked Hart about it after and Hart lied, telling him Austin was busted open “hard-way”.

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