Update on Daniel Bryan Turning Down Pitched WrestleMania 34 Match


It was reported via @Wrestlevotes that Daniel Bryan turned down a match at WrestleMania 34. The account claimed Bryan turned down the offer because it wasn’t exactly what he wanted — Light work and little to no bumps at all.

Bryan Alvarez was asked about this rumor on today installment of Wrestling Observer Live and mentioned that he couldn’t confirm that WWE have offered him that role.

“I dont know if that’s true,” said Alvarez. “I do however believe that it is very possible that they did offer him a match at Mania’ without bumps.”

Alvarez questioned if WWE would offer Daniel a match at WrestleMania without being cleared first but he does believe they could have pitched the idea of a non-bump role at Mania’.

“I believe it’s possible that they made him that offer.”

As of last week Bryan hasn’t even been cleared to return to action but that could have always changed over the past few days. We will continue to keep you updated if we receive other information on Daniel Bryan’s status.

(Please H/T Ringside News when using our stories)

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