Fastlane just happened. Despite Smackdown being in the doldrums these last few days weeks months, Fastlane was a highly entertaining show. Titles were retained, and titles were lost. Some dudes showed up and interfered in matches they shouldn’t have been in. A lot sure happened, that’s for sure.

Of all the things to have happened, what needs to be addressed?

Who will randy orton face at wrestlemania?

Randy Orton shocked the world at Fastlane when he beat Bobby Roode to become the United States Champion. Orton countered Roode’s Flying Nothing with an RKO and became the 10th Grand Slam Champion. Roode is now decidedly title-less after less than 8 weeks as champion. Jinder Mahal is also waiting in the shadows, because WWE is expecting a return on their investment, I guess. Could these three men collide at Wrestlemania?

While this may seem an obvious answer, I do have my doubts. There’s already an Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat at Wrestlemania. WWE may not want to do more than one Triple Threat at the Show of Shows. If that’s the case, does WWE add or subtract competitors from the match?

If Orton were to go one on one, would he face Roode or Mahal? He has decent chemistry with both men, but no one is really clamoring for another Orton – Mahal match (except for the 1.3 billion people of the great nation of India).

If this were to turn into a multi-man bonanza, who else challenges for the title? They can’t have the entire roster face Orton. If the Viper beat the entire midcard in one match, who’s left?

It should be an interesting few weeks for the Apex Predator, as now a lot of people are looking to defang the Viper.

What’s next for ruby riott?

Ever since she and her band of goons debuted, Ruby Riott has had to shake the stigma of being an Absolution rip-off. She had one of the worst debuts in recent history (Naomi just says “Ruby Riott!” and then gets beaten up), and since Absolution debuted literally the day before.

She’s made strides since then, and she challenged Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Fastlane to prove that Charlotte wasn’t as good as she said she was. And then she lost.

I’m all for Charlotte v. Asuka at Wrestlemania, but where does the Riott Squad go now? Riott was given a purpose when she revealed why she formed the group. The group was going to help her defeat Charlotte, who she despised. She didn’t beat Charlotte. Now it looks like Asuka is taking over the mountaintop, so where does that leave Ruby Riott?

She’s already had a whole bunch of matches with everyone in the division. Becky Lynch? Check, Naomi? Check. Carmella, Natalya, Lana, and Tamina? Check.

I do suppose she could take on Asuka, but with the way Asuka’s been dominating recently, that may not be such a good idea for her, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan.

When does carmella cash in?

Over the last few weeks ,Carmella had seemingly become an afterthought in a division with less than 15 people. Her win at Fastlane helps people remember that she is Ms. Money in the Bank. She won the briefcase twice, for goodness’ sake.

She’s been seemingly treading water ever since she dumped good ol’ James Ellsworth. Now she’s poised to strike and cash in. We just don’t know when.

I remember reading an idea on Reddit that I really liked. Asuka faces Charlotte at Wrestlemania, and after a really physical match, Asuka becomes the champion. She can barely stand and celebrate, and then Carmella cashes in. She ends Asuka’s undefeated streak in the cheapest way possible, and she also gets some much-needed heat.

Is this the best idea possible? Probably not. Is this the worst idea possible? No way in hell. If this were to happen, I would definitely be interested in seeing what happened next.

what’s next for kevin owens, sami zayn, and shane mcmahon?

This feud has been going on for nearly nine months now, and Lord only knows where it’s headed. Now it seems AJ Styles and the WWE Championship have escaped the maelstrom that is this feud, leaving it down to four men: Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn.

There’s obvious tension between all four men. The friendship of Owens and Zayn has been crumbling. McMahon and Bryan don’t trust each other. McMahon hates Owens and Zayn, but Bryan may be in cahoots with them. So many moving parts.

Ideally, this would lead to a match, but that may be out of the question. People don’t even know if Daniel Bryan is cleared to compete. Ever since Bryan retired from concussion issues and brain lesions, people believe he will never wrestle for WWE again.

If the rumors are to be believed (I read the site, too, guys), then Owens and Zayn will find themselves in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. While I find this highly unlikely, I just don’t know what’s next for them. I guess I’ll just have to watch Smackdown to find out.

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